Current Projects

Welcoming Whales

Humpback Whales and Grey Whales are returning to the Salish Sea a hundred years after they were hunted here. Why? Increasing populations, more food here, friendly humans? How are humans responding, will we share our waters and fish with these huge cetaceans? Are we establishing friendships? This project is an investigation into all these questions.  Stay tuned.
Thar’ she bl-o-o-o-o-w-w-s-s!!!

Inside Jungle River  

Inside Jungle River is a film and interactive website  exploring the ecology of a jungle river watershed. Shot and narrated from the point  of view of the river and its inhabitants it is an intimate exploration from inside the river community with lots of underwater footage. Immersed in the flow of water, we experience the lives of plants and animals nourished by the river… We feel we are ‘whiskering’ the river bottom with catfish, or perched on a tree limb like a Toucan, or peering out from the weeds like another colourful swordfish…

Amphibiographer TV   – Ongoing

“Get Out and Get Wet!” Join the Amphibiographer as he explores nearby aquatic habitats, his ‘local liquid’, revealing the exotic in the familiar. Learn how you too can explore your local liquid and be immersed in wonder!

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