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Synopsis:    Everyone loves turtles! Who can resist a baby turtle, a miniature replica of her parents, beetling through the grass to get from her nest to the pond? Turtles can be found all over North America but the Painted Turtle is the only turtle whose native range extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from southern Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast. Even though this video is about the Western Painted Turtle everything you learn from this film can also be applied to whatever turtles are nearby: the drama of their daily lives, the dangers they face, and ways humans can help them. This video introduces you to the Western species of Painted Turtle, their life cycle and their preferred nesting and basking habitats. Turtles face many dangers though, and the video shows these too: dangers from development, habitat loss, pollution, introduced species and especially road mortality. Don’t despair however! The video concludes on a positive note with many ways that we humans can help turtles. You will be inspired to get involved in helping your local turtles to thrive.

DVD includes comprehensive Teacher’s Guide.PLT-DVD-label-23mm-final


Award Winner of People’s Choice Award, BC SPCA “Paws and Claws” Film Festival 2012



“Tremendously useful and engaging documentary on the Western Painted Turtle!” – Al Parsons, former Educational Marketing Director with NFB.

“People Love Turtles was screened with an audience of 450 Grade 3 – 7 students as part of a program of three ‘water based’ films about the environment. PLT captured the students attention immediately, and held them throughout the film. It is a perfect film for this age – and any age – and the students both learned and retained what they had learned. This is a film that teachers can build on with lesson plans, as it is both engaging and informative.” Jan Padgett, Director of Powell River Film Festival

What the Community Land Care Coordinator Says: I have been fascinated by turtles all my life and now work to protect their habitats with residents and municipalities. The movie People Love Turtles by Otter Be Good Productions is the most effective educational tool our land trust has found to help thousands of people understand and appreciate Painted Turtles. Featuring unprecedented world-class footage of adult turtles hunting and nesting in the wild, the movie also features unforgettable aquatic views of hatchlings scrambling into a pond. Viewer’s preconceptions of turtles as helpless, lumbering dinosaurs are transformed into a vision of graceful and intelligent individuals living complex lives through the seasons. The short presentation is accessible to all audiences and promotes a conservation ethic by highlighting citizens’ efforts to protect their threatened habitats. We highly recommend this excellent teaching aid to interpreters, teachers, and schools where Painted Turtles and their wetlands are under threat. – Todd Carnahan, Habitat Acquisition Trust (

What the Students Say:Turtlestare “It was the bees knees.” Devin “The film I liked best was People Love Turtles. It was a great film for kids that was easy to understand and full of details too.” Kate “I liked the turtle film best because it was interesting and funny.” Sydney “Turtles was definitely the best film ever!” Neave “I liked turtles the best because it had a lot of info on turtles and it was funny.” Haylee “We love turtles.” Hunter

What a Toddler’s Parent Says: People Love Turtles really excited Aurora…at age 2 she was completely intrigued by what she was seeing and hearing as she watched the video, which, she has watched numerous times! She is naturally an explorer and full of curiosity, and this video was really fun and educational for her. A favorite! – Kelli Gallagher, Mom

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