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Have you ever wanted to converse with kangaroos or speak with sparrows?


Perhaps do a Doctor Dolittle and squeak, squawk and talk with the animals?


welcome to this blog

ImpPossible and the Amphibiographer, will share our experiences communicating (or trying to communicate) with other life forms on planet Earth. And hopefully, dear reader, you will share yours too.


Which life forms? Well the Amphibiographer and ImpPossible are most interested in wild beings that haven’t been domesticated by humans. But all life forms are welcome, from blue whales to blue-green algae. We want to compile best practices so we can all learn how to use these in our own interspecies relationships.

Here’s a lovely encounter between the Amphibiographer, ImpPossible and a young wild black bear. She lives in the neighbourhood and she’s quite the gourmet.


Is there a field of consciousness shared by all sentient beings? We know that all life is connected through our cells, our chemistry, the air we breathe, the water we share and the fact that we are constantly consuming and transforming each other through the carbon cycle. But can we learn to translate electrical and chemical information received by our cells into intuitive knowing that can be understood by our minds?


There are people who seem to be gifted in this ability the way others are gifted with photographic memories or perfect recall of music they’ve heard only once. People living in indigenous cultures who are still living off the land and sea are intimately connected with their natural environment. These cultures value and nurture this intuitive communication ability so the people have not lost it. In fact they consider it to be the normal way of relating to the rest of the universe.


For those of us born into industrial cultures where we learn to become “consumers” of nature served in plastic and styrofoam, this seems like an impossible dream. But like anything else in life it’s possible ……but you have to know how. Animal Communicators tell me that this way of communicating can be learned – so let’s get going and help each other to learn it.


learn more about Amphibiographer’s work and TV site http://amphibiographer.tv/

 check out ImpPossible at http://imppossible.com/

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