The Team

Otter Be Good Productions was spawned in the coastal jungles of British Columbia where the weather is mostly cool and damp and it’s better to be a duck or wear lots of neoprene! Terry L. Brown and Jude Abrams decided on the latter.

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Terry L. Brown, camouflaged in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

Terry sealed his cameras in plexiglass housings and morphed into “TheAmphibiographer”, exploring the interface of water, earth and air. His favourite place to be is face down in the water…wearing a mask and snorkel! His skills as a naturalist, cameraman, artist, and graceful freediver, combine with his patience, stillness, and ability to withstand cold water, to equip him to get footage of shy critters no one else has. Terry also brings storytelling and writing skills, and a playful sense of humour to the mix.

Jude Abrams, eavesdropping on Grizzly Bears, Chilko Lake, British Columbia, Canada



Jude is a musician/songwriter and a hardy outdoor adventurer who dives, sails, kayaks and hikes, all the while recording natural sounds. She composes original music and designs sound for their productions. She is often found climbing in her favourite cedar tree, communing with all kinds of critters, or singing to seals from her kayak. And always with a playful spirit.


Victoria Gibson with, what else, a Gibson guitar!


Victoria Gibson adds her creativity to the team through studio recording, graphic and website design, musical input, and producing. She also provides a homey haven in that increasingly crazy city of Vancouver when we need to go there for studio work etc.




Theo and daughter Wrenwin, two Angells!


Theo Angell rounds out the core team with his skills as an accomplished and playful editor and musician, adding a dash of zany humour also. Together the team produces playful nature education videos designed to tickle the funny bone and inspire a deep love for all the amazing lifeforms with whom we share planet Aqua, aka Earth.

Otter Be Good has always made films in the Naturalist’s way; being in a place long enough for the local humans and non-humans to get used to us. Now we are deepening the process with an ancient art, still practiced by indigenous people today: telepathic communication with the wild animals, plants and elements with whom we’d like to work. We are asking them what they want to communicate to (us) humans. We are inviting them to share their world with us, thanking them for any communications and participation they wish to contribute.


A film star checking out the equipment!

Otter Be Good has produced: Eagle River ~ Liquid jewel of the Sunshine Coast, which has been in numerous film festivals and toured in the Reel Paddling Film Tour; Aquatic Algonquin; Salmon of Powell River Region; Adrenaline Adventure Powell River; Adventure for Everyone Powell River; the award winning People Love Turtles ~ Protecting the Western Painted Turtle; Treasure Fish of Texada Island; and numerous shorts, including Wiggly Fish the first underwater video of spawning sand lance fish in British Columbia.


Jude and Terry (without a mask!), with the Award Winning People Love Turtles film.

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