“The Making Of Inside Jungle River” Film

How do you get a wild crocodile to smile for the camera? You ask her.

Morelet's Crocodile - "Smile, Please?!"

Morelet’s Crocodile – “Smile, Please?!”



Politely of course, especially when you’re snorkeling in the river with her! We’re filming ‘Inside Jungle River’ using the telepathic communication skills we learned at the workshop ‘Interspecies Communication and Intuitive Tracking’ with Anna Breytenbach and Jon Young! Instead of forcing captive animals to do our bidding on controlled film sets we invite wild animals to participate. We film wild animals in their natural habitat doing what comes naturally. We ask animals, plants and the river what they want to tell humans, if anything. Will this work, are we crazy, or is this the wave of the future for nature filmmaking? We’re filming a ‘Making Of’ to share our process. Listen in and be part of the conversation.

Otter Be Good has always made films in the Naturalist’s way; being in a place long enough for the local humans and non-humans to get used to you. We realized that Inside Jungle River presents a wonderful opportunity to share the process of making a nature film using telepathic communication and intuitive tracking practices. So, along with Inside Jungle River we are filming ‘The Making Of’’ Inside Jungle River to document the journey of recovering this older way of telling stories from the land.

Jaguar Tracks

Jaguar Tracks ~ “Nice Kitty!”

Thank you to Anna Breytenbach “The Animal Communicator”, for her encouraging comments about using telepathic communication to make ‘Inside Jungle River’
“Wonderful! I’m SO glad to hear this. Blessings upon your journey”

Instead of manipulating captive or trained animals to perform for the cameras we will practice communicating directly with the plant and animal residents we meet along the river, asking them what they want to communicate to humans. We will invite them to participate on film by sharing themselves and their behaviours with us. Is this a ridiculous idea? How will we know if we are truly communicating with other beings or just imagining it? It is encouraging to know that sharing communication with our non-human neighbours is still the ordinary daily practice of indigenous communities all over the world today. They haven’t lost the ability that indigenous ancestors of every “modern” human knew. In fact it is natural to all beings. Everyone is involved in the global conversation and it is only we “modern” humans who haven’t been listening.

But we know that doubts and cynicism are a big part of our human experience too. Whatever happens, we’ll be recording our process and personal experiences. Perhaps we’ll get amazing responses and fascinating material. Perhaps we won’t be able to communicate effectively with the beings we want to film, or perhaps only with some of them. Perhaps they will be happy to participate, perhaps they won’t be interested. The Making Of’  documentary will be real life drama with all the wonders and warts.

The journey has already begun with stories and reflections from the workshop with Jon and Anna. We hope that ‘The Making Of’ Inside Jungle River will encourage others to try direct communication with animals and plants in their own work! Stay tuned for the results…

Click on Iguana below to view ‘Making Of” Video Clips!!


“Hang in there!” ~ Juvenile Green Iguana

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