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Plunge into the Sibun River, a turquoise jungle river born in the Maya Mountains of Belize. We are swept on a journey through caves adorned with sparkling stalactites, where pottery and bones from an ancient civilization are hidden. We flow out again into sunlit pools festooned with vines where lizards run on water and flamboyant fish dart about.


Swimming in a Sibun River tributary, Belize

If Tarzan had a camera this is the film he’d make!


INSIDE JUNGLE RIVER     is a film exploring the ecology of a jungle river watershed. Shot and narrated from the point  of view of the river and its inhabitants it is an intimate exploration from inside the river community with lots of underwater footage. Immersed in the flow of water, we experience the lives of plants and animals nourished by the river.

Their interactions and relationships become like the antics of our neighbours. We feel we are ‘whiskering’ the river bottom with catfish, or perched on a tree limb like a Toucan, or peering out from the weeds like another colourful swordfish. We experience what life is like for unique species found only in riverine caves! We learn food and medicine from plants that cling to its banks. The film takes us on a journey. The educational website dives deeper into study of the watershed.

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Swim with us into mystical caves and discover . . . ?


River Cave, Sibun River tributary, Belize!



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