Treasure Fish of Texada Island


20 minute DVD


Flamboyant spawning colours of a male limnetic stickleback

Texada Island stickleback fish may be the youngest species’ in the world. They may also be the rarest and most endangered!

Found only on Texada Island which rises from the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia) off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, the stickleback species pairs are a ‘treasure’ to science. However, the general public, know little about this fish.


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TREASURE FISH deeply explores what daily life is like for these fish. Beyond this it touches on the scientific significance of the species pairs.

As we immerse ourselves in the drama of their lives these tiny fish become familiar neighbours, not so different from you and me.

You’ll feel as if you’re right there in the water with these flamboyant and fascinating fish through up-close-and-personal videography and intimate narration. Marvel as Dad stickleback makes a nest and fiercely protects his eggs and small fry from turtles, dragonflies and marauding bands of pirate stickleback!

The stickleback were filmed entirely in the ‘wilds’ of Texada Island, in their natural habitat doing what comes naturally. You will witness never-before-filmed behaviour!

Humorous dramatizations by the island’s children highlight efforts to protect endangered stickleback by local humans. This playful film targets an elementary school audience, yet all ages will find themselves plunged into an alternate world which is familiar yet exotic.

Stickleback Brilliant Side 2 4x6

Living Jewel ~ a real Treasure Fish!

Discover hidden treasure in the living jewels of Texada Island.


  1. Hi sorry, my little brother posted that. We did not mean it. We are honored to have been a part of such an amazing production, put on by such amazing people who truly cared for us and the stickleback. :)

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