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Kayaking with a humpback whale near Lund, British Columbia, Canada on Nov. 17 2014. Humpback whales are returning to the Salish Sea where they used to be abundant before whaling decimated them. Why are they returning? No more whaling. Some food (herring, sand lance, anchovies, krill). And Welcoming people getting excited by seeing them and sending them LOVE!

And I was sending Whale lots of love and connection as I was heading to Lund. When I arrived I let Whale know I was there and he appeared right in front of me. As I got my kayak ready on the beach he breached (leaped full length out of the water) 3 times and kept tail lobbing, slapping his tail, as if welcoming me!!! When I was on the water he was more sedate and swam off to feed or get away from the motor boats zipping around. Later he came closer. Video is from an ultrawide POV camera I’m wearing on my head so Whale doesn’t look real big but he came to within 30-40 metres of me and at that distance in my little Feathercraft Aironaut kayak he seemed huge!



Treasure Fish of Texada Island

 Presented to the 2012 International Conference of Sticklebck Researchers where over 100 scientists viewed the film and told us that we captured behaviours never seen before. Many said they would love to snorkel with the fish in their natural habitat like we did, instead of being stuck in labs!

To view the complete film please contact us.

SOULstice Greeting 2011

Season’s Greeting to All!!
Whether you celebrate Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas or New Year’s have a wonder-filled holiday season and a blessed new year.

We hope you enjoy the soulful and silly holiday tips from some of our furred, finned and feathered friends. All of them are our neighbours on the Sunshine Coast. Some of them are a short walk away and some require a boat to visit…such as the sea lions, whom we can sometimes hear from home but are an hour’s paddle away. We recorded all the video clips and nature sounds and Jude created the music track.

Love, Joy and Peace with All Beings,
Terry and Jude

Note: the video is full 1080 HD if you have the capability.

The Amphibiographer ~ Turtle Wranglers

A taste of what the “Get Wet with the Amphibiographer” internet TV series will be like. Watch the ‘Turtle Wranglers’ catch turtles underwater. Terry interviews these scientists who are studying the endangered Western Painted Turtle on the coast of British Columbia Canada. Hear them reveal how hanging out in their ‘Local Liquid’ as kids led to their science careers.

The ‘Aqua Angels’ segment of each episode features people who are working to protect water and all the critters who live there.

Filmed Sept 11-12 2011

Mr. Mom Fish

Texada’s Mr. Mom Fish ~ Teaser from Terry L Brown on Vimeo.

Texada’s Mr. Mom Fish ~ Teaser from Terry L Brown Amphibiographer on Vimeo.

This is a short Teaser for a 15 min. educational film we’re producing about Texada Island’s endangered “Mr. Mom Fish”. Why “Mr. Mom Fish”? Because it’s the males who get all broody; making a nest, attracting a mate to deposit her eggs, then nurturing those eggs until they hatch! These tiny fish become familiar neighbours, not so different from you and me, as we literally immerse ourselves in the drama of their lives. In this teaser you’ll see footage (never before captured on video) of a Texada stickleback attacking a red-listed western painted turtle female who is eating the eggs he’s guarding.

This will be the first film on these fish. For more info contact Otter Be Good Productions

Alqonquin Park Aquatic Wilderness

Dive right in to the underwater wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Eyeball a floating bullfrog at water level or share a tear with a snapping turtle laying eggs. Exult in the exotic beauty of water lily flowers and float away on the calls of loons, frogs and whispering waters.