Mr. Mom Fish

Texada’s Mr. Mom Fish ~ Teaser from Terry L Brown on Vimeo.

Texada’s Mr. Mom Fish ~ Teaser from Terry L Brown Amphibiographer on Vimeo.

This is a short Teaser for a 15 min. educational film we’re producing about Texada Island’s endangered “Mr. Mom Fish”. Why “Mr. Mom Fish”? Because it’s the males who get all broody; making a nest, attracting a mate to deposit her eggs, then nurturing those eggs until they hatch! These tiny fish become familiar neighbours, not so different from you and me, as we literally immerse ourselves in the drama of their lives. In this teaser you’ll see footage (never before captured on video) of a Texada stickleback attacking a red-listed western painted turtle female who is eating the eggs he’s guarding.

This will be the first film on these fish. For more info contact Otter Be Good Productions

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