Why communicate with other species?

It’s hard enough to communicate with other humans!


That’s exactly the point. The human species is a very young species. We are like toddlers just grasping for whatever is out there in our environment and consuming it indiscriminately just for the experience. In the perilous millions of years it takes to cross the threshold from infancy to maturity as a species, many are lost. In fact most individuals of most life forms don’t survive adolescence. On their own for the first time they don’t have either the advice or the protection of more experienced individuals.


Because we are such a young species and have set ourselves apart from and above all other earthlings, we react to the crises we’ve created through our immature ignorance by searching for answers amongst our own kind. We forget that most other species here on Earth have been here a lot longer than we have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to capture, measure, poke, sample, kill and dissect other species to extract answers about their lives, behaviour and environment? Why don’t we at least try asking them in less intrusive ways?


A firry embrace. Trees like to snuggle too!
A firry embrace. Trees like to snuggle too!



Other species like to make  friends too.  Fir and cedar trees are often found hugging each other!



What could we talk about with other species?

Well… ImpPossible did ask the fungus in her feet to eat only dead skin and not to infect her healthy skin. However, when there was a proliferation of dead skin on her feet after this communication she specified that creating more dead skin was not what she had in mind. Eventually the fungus did leave but it probably was the chemical communication provided by spraying her foot with Benefect, an organic fungicide, that worked. (sigh) So not all beings will want to listen to us or even if they do they may not care to cater to our desires. Each being has their own personality, propensities, and provocations.

FF Alpaca



Definitely a being with personality to spare. “I’m   listening to you!”  






Negotiate with who?

Lots of people would talk with their companion animals about everything from their health to their opinions on the ergonomics of their favourite chair. Imagine negotiating with mice. What do mice want and how could we compromise or come up with creative solutions to meet everyone’s needs? What about negotiating with viruses? Conversing with the flowers, consulting trees? Discussing philosophy with dolphins or science with whales? Every pioneering endeavor starts with a dream – even if it seems impPossible!





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