Huckleberry Sex

Scientists speak of flowering plants reproducing sexually but what does this really mean for the plant? What does the plant feel in the process?

Perhaps I can answer this question from the mind-to-mind or telepathic communication I received from a huckleberry plant and a bumblebee! I was at my Thanksgiving/Sit Spot on a lovely April day and connected with Bumblebee who was gathering nectar from tiny, green huckleberry flowers nearby. I began imagining what it feels like to have my wings buzzing while gripping the huckleberry flowers as they bounced up and down in the breeze. Delight flooded my being as I sucked nectar from the flowers. Mmmmm, so sweet! Ambrosia!

IMG_0919Then Huckleberry communicated with me, helping me feel what she/he was feeling. The tickling of bumblebee feet on my pollen anthers, and the erotic joy of transferring pollen to the ‘bees knees’ while receiving pollen from other huckleberry plants into my stigma and feeling the pollen burrowing down into my ovary!! Not orgasmic, but definitely sexual erotic pleasure!!

So what I felt I was receiving from Huckleberry was that sexual reproduction in plants is not simply a scientific term but a sensual reality for plants. And another species is often involved, whether insect or bird. Interspecies sexuality. Not the transfer of another species’ genetic material but another species being the agent of transfer. So it seems the plant, insect or bird individuals involved experience pleasurable sensations in the process. Bumblebee experienced the pleasurable feel of leg hairs being stimulated and of course the pleasure of sucking nectar. And huckleberry experienced pleasurable sensations too, if any of what I experienced were true communications from these beings.

Perhaps it was just my imagination.

But what is imagination for if not to transport us into the experience of another? An Other.




By Terry L. Brown aka The Amphibiographer

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